Christina Persandi

Christina, Happy Dogs’ owner and head trainer, has had a strong and intuitive connection with dogs since she was a child. Being around animals and caring for them bring her satisfaction and fulfillment. She has cared for dogs professionally for over ten years.  She worked at Centinela Feed and Pet Supply for three years, where a dog trainer observed her skill with dogs and suggested she go into business walking them.  She has completed CPR and Pet First Aid Training. Christina is married to James Persandi.  They have a named Melissa, who is in elementary school. Christina owns two Chihuahua mixed breed dogs named Chico and Maggie.

Not merely babysitting, but helping dogs and other pets flourish is Christina’s m

ission for Happy Dogs.   The core of Christina’s Happy Dogs philosophy is that after any pet is brought back from a Happy Dog visit there should be an improvement in the pet’s physical and psychological well-being.

Sylvia Lee Fabro

Sylvia, one of our team, has been pet sitting with Happy Dogs since 2005.   Don’t let Sylvia’s petite size (four foot 11 ½ inches!) fool you.  She can handle the big dogs. Her professionalism and warm smile are an asset to Happy Dogs’ clients.