Dog Training

Happy Dogs is all about happy and well-trained dogs.

  • We offer group classes in training dog owners to work with their pets and teach them basic commands.
  • We teach you how to handle your dog and help foster good communication between you and your pet.  We use easy-to-understand examples that show how dogs learn.
  • Ideal for dogs over 5 months old. Classes are available for dogs who are friendly to other dogs and humans.
  • Christina Persandi  teaches our group classes.  Classes meet 1 hour a week for 5 weeks.  Please do not bring your dog to the first day of classes.

What Your Dog Will Learn

Down, Wait, Sit, and Come to Me

Additional Concepts for You and Your Dog

  • Focusing is essential for dogs’ learning.
  • Anti-Jumping – Let’s focus on what your dog can do that’s incompatible with jumping.
  • Nothing in Life is Free teaches how to incorporate dog training in your everyday life with your dog, setting up a healthy communication system.
  • Working at your Dog’s Level breaks down desired behaviors into reachable steps, ensuring and reinforcing success for you and your dog at various points in the learning process.

Private Dog Training

Don’t have time for group dog-training lessons?  Christina will come to your home and train you to be your dog’s leader.  We work with puppies 8 weeks old through senior-age dogs. As a student you will gain, knowledge, skill and confidence for handling your dog in real-life situations.

Sign up today to save your spot in class.  Call (310) 701-8518. Leave a message that you want to take a class and we will call you back.  Your dog will thank you!