Dog Walking

Group Dog Walking

Your dog is invited to join the club!

Walk this Way

We specialize in walking small groups of friendly dogs. Dogs are leashed and secured. Our playful, robust walks are designed to use your dogs’ energy in a positive way, provide a joyful social outlet for them and return them home refreshed and contented and unlikely to jump all over things and tear up the house. When walking them we are always on the lookout for what-ifs like unruly dogs or poorly trained humans. We know how to safely lead our client dogs across the street to protect them and maintain the safety of the street. We make sure your dogs get the shady streets and cool rests they need on hot days. Your pet’s physical and emotional well-being is our top priority.

We walk little dogs separately. As us about our Small Dog Group Walks!

Private Dog Walks

  • Have a shy dog? An especially reactive dog? Want to give your dog one-on-one pampering?
  • Your dog will receive the same structure and stimulation of the group dog walk, but will enjoy the complete focus of the dog walker.

Dog Walking Rates

Group Dog Walk 1 Dog Additional Dog
30 min. Happy Dog Walk $23 $5
45 min. Happy Dog Walk $28 $5
60 min. Happy Dog Walk $33 $5
Private Dog Walk 1 Dog Additional Dog
30 min. Happy Dog Walk $23 $5
45 min. Happy Dog Walk $28 $5
60 min. Happy Dog Walk $33 $5

We offer senior and frequent buyers discounts.Contact us for rates.

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Look how happy Utah is wearing his Halti! The Halti is a head harness. It is very effective at managing a dog that pulls, lunges or needs a bit more controlling. The Halti is not a muzzle. The dog can still pant, drink water and take treats. The head harness is one of the tools for managing a pack of dogs and helping them flourish. Know that when your dog is with us, your dog is treated well and everyone is kept safe. The Halti helps keep all the dogs happy, including Utah!