Pet Sitting

Work, vacation, busy schedules call you away from your pet?   Don’t board your pet.  Call Happy Dogs!

Our pet-sitting visits provide attentive care in the comfort of your pet’s familiar surroundings:  home.  Happy Dog Pet-Sitting Visits cover all the pets in the household.  We come to your home, make sure your pets have food and water, a walk, and affection. We administer medication if necessary, clean up poop in the yard and clean litter for all other pets at home.  These pets include cats, rabbits, and all other small animals. The service is available 7 days a week with our customary TLC!

Want safety and security for your pets and home while you are away?

To protect your animals and home while you are away we feel it is important that your house have that “lived-in” look. We bring in the mail and newspaper. We bring the trash cans in or out. We water the plants. We are alert to any suspicious activity. We will notify the gas company of any gas leaks. We will not hesitate to call the police if we notice any unauthorized car in the driveway.

Pet Sitting Rates

Happy Dog Pet Sitting
1 Pet
Additional Dog
Additional Cat
30 min. Pet Sit Visit
45 min. Pet Sit Visit
60 min. Pet Sit Visit
We offer senior and frequent buyers discounts. Contact us for rates.

Overnight Pet Care & Home Security Services

  • Do you feel uneasy leaving your pet alone during the night?
  • Does your pet get lonely at night when you aren’t home?

Happy Dogs provides overnight pet care services for pets who need that special extra companionship at night and owners that extra peace of mind.

A Happy Dog team member will come to your house in the evening and leave early the next morning.  Each overnight visit lasts for 12 hours and includes feeding, medication, a 15 minute walk in the evening and the following morning, yard and all other litter cleanup, and of course all the cuddling, play and special attention your pet deserves.  It is our pleasure to help with light housekeeping and set your alarm during our overnight visits. We look after your pet – and your peace of mind.

Overnight Pet Care Rates

 Overnight Pet Care
1 Dog
Additional Dog
Additional Cat
12 hours of pet care